1940s/1950s Austin Devon.

The war was out of the way, and the Austin Motor Company needed a brand new design of medium-sized car, to replace the pre-war models that resumed production after WW2. The 4dr Austin A40 Devon, and 2dr A40 Dorset, were the result. Both were powered by a new 1200cc OHV engine, with hydraulic braking to the front wheels and a sturdy separate chassis, beneath an all-new design of bodywork, penned in-house by Austins.

Once Austin Devon saloon production was in full swing, further variations on the 1200cc A40 theme were launched by Austin. Purchasers could soon choose from the A40 Devon & Dorset saloons, a new 10cwt pickup, a 10cwt van, and the estate car, or 'Countryman', as it was known. Sales of the Dorset were slow, and production ceased in 1951, but 4dr Devons continued for a couple more years, until the new Somerset replaced it in the BMC showrooms. Production of the Devon-based light commercials (ie vans and pickups) continued alongside the new Somerset saloons.

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A40 Devon saloon

Austin Devon-based 10cwt panel van

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